Code of Conduct

The trust of our customers, business partners and staff members is very important to Sobolak International. The management is therefore very committed to managing the company in line with the highest ethical standards, defined as follows:

Our staff

We take all necessary measures to create a safe and secure working environment in order to ensure the health and physical and emotional well-being of all staff members. All work relationships are based on the principle of equality. We do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or disability.

Conflict of interest

Staff members are required to immediately report to the management even a suspicion of a conflict of interest in the course of their activity. The management will then take all reasonable steps to solve the problem.

Our customers and partners

We deal with our customers and business partners openly, honestly and fairly. Our communication is clear, precise, understandable and reliable. We will not allow gifts to influence our business decisions. We are committed to free and fair competition.


Our most valued asset is the privacy and personal data of our customers and staff members, which we will protect with all available means.

Our environment

We act with social and ecological responsibility. We endeavour to raise awareness of harmful influences to the environment and to minimise such influences.