Countdown to your removal

To ensure that your removal is successful, timely preparations have to be made. Please find some tips below.

Eight weeks before moving

Think about what you want to move, what is supposed to stay here and what you want to throw away. Please don’t forget the basement, garage, attic and garden.

Four weeks before moving

Start preparing your household for the removal. The more systematic you are, the easier it will be for you to keep track of everything later on.
Also try to consume perishable goods like food and alcohol (if import is prohibited) beforehand.
Divide your goods into air freight, sea freight, truck freight and possibly storage.

One week before moving

Prepare the most important things for the "ONE-Box".
Prepare your removal goods for the move.
Make sure that your removal goods are marked and prepared for the different kinds of transport (air freight, sea freight, storage etc.).

One day before moving

Make sure that important documents (passport, visa etc.), plane tickets, keys etc. have been put aside to avoid that they are packed by mistake.

Moving day

Go through the details with the packer in charge. It would be best to walk through all rooms together.
If possible, be present during the packing of all goods to answer any arising questions on behalf of the packers.
After packing, walk through all rooms with the packer in charge to make sure that nothing has been forgotten or packed by mistake.
Please keep the original packing list!