Packing instructions

Dear Customer,
Thank you for giving us a hand with the preparations for your move.

We will provide you with the following:
Removal boxes for books
Removal boxes for laundry
Adhesive tape
Wrapping paper
Felt pen
Please tape the removal boxes as follows:
Put the box upside down on the floor so that the printed writing faces down. First fold in the flaps that are not on the printed sides. Then fold in the two remaining flaps and tape them together lengthways.
Please use the larger laundry boxes for laundry, linen and light bulky objects only.

Use the smaller book boxes for books, CDs and other heavy household items only.
Feel free to use enough wrapping paper to ensure that your personal belongings arrive safely and securely to the other end.

Always pack heavy items on the bottom and lighter objects on top. Items in the boxes should move around as little as possible.

Please label your boxes on the tape on the side.

If you are unsure about how to pack an item then just leave it to our well-trained and professional team!

Thank you!