All aspects of moving in

You now have the tenancy agreement in your hands. But now things start in earnest as moving into a new home entails sorting out a number of formalities. We provide support - from the removal to organising your telephone connection.


Sobolak International has been a removal company operating on the global stage since 1973. Your employee benefits from the relocation and removal service from a single source. A modern vehicle fleet, our own exterior lift facilities and of course our global network and trained personnel ensure that your personal effects are relocated from house to house.


We take on the formalities for you and assist in, for example:

  • TV, radio, Internet, telephone connections
  • registering electricity, gas and heating
  • selection of a cleaning service
  • selection of gardeners/tenderers
  • selection of tradespeople
  • selection of banks and insurance
  • transfer of driving licence
  • entry into the residence register


Dogs, cats and hamsters, and other four or more-legged friends, must of course also come. We will be glad to attend to the transport and to arrangements at the destination (entry regulations, veterinary/medical issues, animal-friendly hotel/apartment,…).


Is your car or motorbike going to make the long journey alone? We can find the most suitable and most cost-effective transportation option. Or will you be looking for a new vehicle at your new home? We will be glad to provide advice, give you our car dealership contacts and accompany you when purchasing a vehicle.