House and apartment

“How necessary is it to have a pleasant home at the current time” is from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from over 200 years ago. With our market knowledge, our negotiation skills and our energy, we can help you to locate your new residence.

Personal consultation discussion

Are you after a house with garden, an apartment in the centre or a flat share to meet new people? Needs and wants are diverse. On the basis of a questionnaire and a discussion, we create a needs analysis to be able to perform a targeted search.

Temporary accommodation

Until your new home is located, would you not prefer to enjoy your private sphere and living comfort instead of staying in a tourist hotel? We can also provide recommendations, and select and make reservations, for temporary accommodation, be it an apartment, special hotel or a private let.

Property selection

In line with your requirements, we provide a selection of suitable property recommendations including all relevant information on costs, local amenities, distances to places relevant to you, etc.

Viewing of properties

Experts accompany you on viewings of the properties selected by yourself. They know the culture and the local and regional peculiarities, talk the language of the particular country, can perhaps notice the odd scratch in the floor, and support in negotiations.

Handover of accommodation

Once the new home has been located, we provide assistance in the handover. The tenancy agreement is checked by an expert. This ensures compliance with all legal regulations. We also keep a transfer log including digital photographs.