Immigration and administrative procedures

Pages of small print, long waiting around, complicated forms, unclear terminology, etc. We can provide assistance in organising a residence and/or work permit, as well as in other formalities, saving your employees from the trouble of unnecessary, time-consuming and nerve-racking administrative procedures.

Residence permit/visa

Visa regulations, entry conditions, customs directives, time limits for stays, etc, etc. Requirements are diverse and are different internationally. Our experience and worldwide network simplify our work and your preparation.

Work permit

Attaining a work permit also entails a number of formalities we would be glad to provide assistance in.

Forms and more

Many new names and issues are still spinning around in your head in the first week at work, and now you are also supposed to sort out legal acknowledgements, translations, registration as an EU citizen or other formalities? Leave these things to us – we are familiar with current regulations and legislation and can complete them in an efficient manner, leaving you to be able to concentrate on your core competences.