Partner programme

For employees dispatched abroad, it is of course fantastic when the whole family goes. However, the needs of different family members must also be met for the stay abroad to be successful for everybody. We provide assistance in job-hunting, in the building up of social networks and in seeking suitable leisure and sporting activities.

New job

Depending on the qualification profile, we can assist your spouse or partner in looking for a new job – before or after arriving at your new home. This includes, for example, assisting in creating application documents and taking into consideration regulations typical for that country, registering in country-specific online job forums, perusing through job advertisements and contacting personnel companies and institutes of further education.

Social networks

We also highlight/recommend fitness clubs, hobby clubs, international communities, business clubs, presentation events, regional activities and many more, depending on the level of interest - enabling new contacts to be established on a broad range of levels.


We can provide assistance in selecting private language or conversation tutors and point out the benefits and drawbacks of the many language schools in due consideration of their respective specialisations.