Preparation and welcome

We help your employees to prepare and also accompany them on arrival. During the initial days of their stay, we assist them in settling down at the new place of residence and work. One particular emphasis is ensuring your employees quickly feel at home.

Relocation roadmap

We put together a tailor-made relocation concept for you before your departure. Your needs, questions and requirements form the basis for this. So, for example, we take into consideration issues such as the vocational environment in which you will be active, which family-related and social requirements you may have and which interests you have in your private life. If you are moving together with your family, we will put together beforehand a selection of suitable schools and childcare places. If you are an enthusiastic tennis player, we will prepare a list of the best tennis courts and, after your arrival, view some of them with you.

Country information

To be able to get a feel for the new environment before departure, and to build up enthusiasm for discovering the new city or new country, you are provided information on cultural, political and social issues.


We will be glad to organise all aspects of your arrival at your new place of residence and work – be it airport transfers, railway services or a hotel/apartment for the initial period.


Following your arrival, we personally take you, tailored to your requirements, around the most important and interesting places in your new environment. The “orientation” tour helps you in decisions such as “Where can I live with my family?”, “Where is the best school for my child?” and “How far is it to school or to work?”.

Everyday life

We provide information on all aspects of the daily life routine at your new place of residence and work. This includes information on public transport, doctors, supermarkets, taxis, pharmacies and emergency numbers.

Intercultural training

Which cultural peculiarities are there in the new country? How do you greet colleagues? How do you deal with private invitations? Which host presents are suitable? To what extent does religion affect everyday life? What about the traditions and customs still being practised? Professionally trained employees provide detailed introductions and tailor-made training in the particular country.