School and kindergarten

“We don’t need no education,…“ sang Pink Floyd and many schoolchildren around the world. For your employees’ children to be satisfied with the school/childcare facilities, we use our expertise and contacts to help you in the search.

Preparatory discussion and pre-selection

The range of schooling and education is so diverse that it is difficult to gain a clear picture. Together with parents and children, we hold personal preliminary discussions and establish concerns and particular needs. We use this discussion as a basis to compile a pre-selection and provide recommendations.

School visits

We will be glad to make joint visits with you to the schools in question and to use our local knowledge to provide support in discussions with heads, teachers, educators, ...

Registration formalities

We can provide support in enrolling at universities and with school/kindergarten registration.

Leisure time for children

School is not the only place to find new friends. There are also sports clubs, music schools, international communities and many more ways of making the new start for children a joyful experience.