Place your trust in global quality
We have been offering removal services in Austria and across the globe since 1973. You have one point of contact and the highest quality standards everywhere.

No matter whether you are moving privately or because of work, within your own town or within Austria, or are changing your place of residence and work to another part of the world - leave your removal in the capable hands of the best trained removal professionals at Sobolak International. Take advantage of the efficient and reliable working methods, many years’ experience and the heightened sense of responsibility when handling your property.

Full service removal specialist

Sobolak International is able to assist you in everything from planning your move and packing your books to disposing of empty boxes. This gives you more time to, for example, prepare yourself for the new environment and your new professional challenges. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

State-of-the-art facilities

Providing all of the facilities expected of a modern-day removal specialist, the large Sobolak International premises is over 19,000 m² in size, is just a few kilometres from Vienna and is home to the management team and vehicle fleet. Two heated warehouses, 2500 m² and 1800 m² in size, are available for storage and packaging. Also, company-owned containers provide sufficient capacity for warehouse and interim storage. An exterior lift system circumvents seemingly insurmountable staircases and narrow doorways.

Powerful vehicle fleet

Our vehicle fleet includes air-sprung Scania trucks. All of the vehicles are equipped in line with the requirements of a modern-day removal specialist.
40 swap-body platforms ensure flexible transportation of different containers types. Padded interior side walls, belts and fasteners in the trucks protect your property. Over half of our long-distance truck fleet satisfies the EURO 5 exhaust emission standard, the highest international environmental specification level. This permits, for example, entry into the centre of London or Berlin where otherwise lorries would be banned.

Transport insurance

»Download insurance conditions (PDF)

Relocation services

We would be glad to put together for you a tailor-made relocation package to help you, together with our international partners, in locating accommodation or schooling, in administrative procedures and much more, at your new place of residence and work.

The removal specialists at Sobolak

Sobolak International currently employs around 80 people. Regular training in different company divisions is part and parcel of the company philosophy at Sobolak International. This is because meeting the high quality standards is a key objective for every employee. In short, this means that satisfied customers are paramount.

“Many customers are amazed at just how quickly and easily a removal can be completed. Major obstacles are overcome easily with the right equipment and adequate experience. It is possible, for example, to know immediately whether a table passes through a doorway, needs to be taken apart or needs to be transported with our exterior lift. Astonished and, above all, satisfied customers are our motivation.“
Karl Bruck, mover

“During the course of my everyday work, quality means that I pack and transport a child’s plastic beaker just as carefully as expensive porcelain dishware.“
Karl Bruck, mover