Our Mission Statement

Our endeavours in exceeding customer expectations have escalated Sobolak International to the undisputed market leader position in Austria in removals transportation and relocation services. And this is the way we intend to keep it!

Our customers are at the heart of our actions. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes all aspects of mobility during the course of a removal, regardless of distance. We make every effort to ensure our customers are able to quickly settle into their new environment without the hassle. Our relocation services provide customers the broadest and most intensive assistance for speedy and uncomplicated relocation of their domicile.

In order for us to be able to live up to our claims, we regard our most important challenge as predicting the needs and requirements of our customers, and making them our own.

We set benchmarks in perfection and service and allow auditing in this regard at any time (e.g. ISO standards). We see the protection and care of our environment and resources as mandatory and we use extensive environment management to realise them. Our networking across the globe makes it indispensible for our business partners to meet the same quality benchmarks.

Smart investment in infrastructure is just as important to us as furthering our employees with training programmes and sharing international experiences to guarantee continual improvement of our services. Our remit is therefore to generate the revenues that safeguard the existence and competitiveness of our company, and therefore also our employees.

We have a joint responsibility for the quality of our services - down to the last detail. High levels of motivation, commitment and initiative – these are the principles we work to passionately in our day-to-day activities. We see our successes as the fruits of our combined effort.

Working alongside each other and continually learning from one another are fashioned by reliability, trust, humanity and mutual appreciation. We allow conflicts to run their course, but are respectful, fair and polite to one another in the process.