Family service

If you take your family with you, the requirements of the different family members of course also have to be met. Only then can the stay abroad be successful for all.

School & pre-school

We conduct pre-discussions with parents and children in person in order to find out the concerns and special wishes with regard to school and education.  On the basis of the discussion, we compile a pre-selection, provide recommendations and thus create an overview of the diverse school and education options available.

Whether it’s registering for school or pre-school – we help with all formalities.

Free time for children

School is not the only place to find new friends: sports clubs, music schools, international communities, language courses and many other leisure activities make starting out in a new place also enjoyable for your children. Whether it’s when playing football or rehearsing for a play – they can also pursue their hobbies in their new home and in the process make important contact with children of their own age.

Social networks & languages

Depending on interests, we will show or recommend to you fitness clubs, hobby associations, international communities, business clubs, lecture events, regional activities and much more. In this way, new contacts will be made at diverse levels.

We support you in the selection of private language or conversation teachers and show you the numerous services offered by language schools including their respective specialisations.