House & apartment

We support you with our knowledge of the market, our negotiation skills and our energy in finding your new home.

Personal consultation

Do you want a house with a garden, an apartment in the centre or a residential community to get to know new people? The requirements and wishes are diverse. Based on a questionnaire and a discussion, we draw up a requirements profile in order to organise the search in a targeted manner.

Temporary accommodation option

Until your new home is found, you do not want to live in a tourist hotel but enjoy privacy and residential comfort? We can also provide recommendations for temporary residential options such as apartments, special hotels or private lettings, or make the choice and booking for you.


Choice of property

In accordance with your requirements, you will receive a selection of suitable real estate recommendations including all relevant information such as costs, local amenities, distances to relevant places, etc.

Inspection & return

Our professionals accompany you in the inspection of the properties selected by you. They are familiar with the culture, the local and regional characteristics, speak the language of the respective country and assist you in negotiation.

Once your new home has been found, you will receive assistance from us in the handover of the apartment. The tenancy agreement will be checked by legal experts in order to ensure that all provisions are complied with.