Preparation & arrival

We support your employees in the preparation and accompany them on arrival. In the first days of their stay, we help them in the orientation at their new place of residence and work so that they also feel at home more quickly.


Relocation roadmap

Even before you start your journey, we create a customised relocation concept on the basis of your requirements, questions and wishes. We thus take into account the professional environment in which you will be working, what family and social requirements or which interests you have in your private life. If you are moving with your family, we will compile a selection of suitable schools or childcare places beforehand. Whether it is an urban apartment or a cosy home in the countryside, we will advise you in the search for the new centre of your life.


Country information

In order to be able to prepare for your new environment before you depart and to gain an interest in exploring the new city or the new country, you will receive information about cultural, political and social aspects.



From the airport transfer to the hotel or serviced apartment for the first few days or weeks, we will be pleased to organise everything relating to your arrival at your new place of residence and work.



After arrival, we will show you in person and in line with your requirements the most important and interesting locations in your new environment. This orientation tour also helps with decisions such as: Where can I live with my family? Where is the best school for my child? What is the distance to my child’s school or my place of work? etc.


Everyday life

You will receive information from us about customs and practices of daily life at your new place of residence and work: from public transport and taxis to doctors, supermarkets and pharmacists, to emergency numbers, etc.


Intercultural training

What special cultural characteristics exist in the new country? How should you greet colleagues? How do you handle private invitations? What gifts are appropriate for the host? How much does religion influence daily life? What are the traditions and customs that are lived? Our professionals will provide you with detailed introductions and customised courses of training in the respective country.