You don’t require your furniture straight away after moving? You can place them in temporary storage in our warehouse.


Are you still waiting for your customised bookshelf for your new home and are looking for a place to store your literary treasures for the time being? Or do you not require your furniture straight away after moving? Sobolak International offers every conceivable storage variant including ultra-modern equipment.

Space for diverse requirements

Your personal items are no longer required or are to be stored temporarily – the containers and warehouse halls of Sobolak International offer the ideal opportunity for this and also correspond to the highest quality criteria. We ensure heating, surveillance through professional monitoring and protection against unwanted pests. You can rest assured when you hand over your precious possessions to us for long-term as well as short and medium-term storage – and you can do so without committing to any particular duration. We will only invoice you for the storage volume actually required.

Our warehouse facilities offer not only sufficient space for all kinds of furniture and items but also ideal protection against wind and weather as well as pests. Professional surveillance also guarantees the security of the items stored.

Markus Klinger, warehouse manager