We offer high quality relocation services within Austria and, together with our international networks, across the entire globe. You have one point of contact and the highest quality standards everywhere.

So that the best talents are satisfied.

Relocation services comprise of a broad spectrum of services. The goals are always the same - your best talents are satisfied and feel at home at their new place of residence and work. Here is an overview of our services - from preparation to departure. We will be only too glad to put together your very own tailor-made relocation package. As an experienced removal company, we of course organise the transportation of personal effects and adhere to the highest of quality standards. Please contact us for further information.

Service tool for personnel specialists

A modern software solution allows employees, especially those responsible for Human Resources within the company, to keep abreast of the situation in a simple and easy manner. On the one hand, we are able to make available to you all of the relevant documents online, and on the other your data is accessible at all times. Has the visa approval been resolved for Mr. Müller in the Ukraine? Has the relocation for Ms. Bauer in Brussels been concluded? Has a suitable school been found for Mr. Maier’s children in Bucharest? Business customers of Sobolak are given secure access for their individual track&trace; systems and so have an overview at all times.

The relocation professionals at Sobolak

When new employees arrive in Austria from abroad, relocation specialist Monika Bretschneider and her team assume the supporting role. When employees are sent from Austria to another country, Monika Bretschneider is the point of contact and coordinates with our colleagues from one-group and from the global network. Support and assistance in the respective country are in accordance with the high quality criteria of Sobolak.

A saying goes “A magic dwells in each beginning”. Our goal is that employees relocated benefit from this magic. From the very outset, they should be able to concentrate on their new professional challenges and be able to quickly recharge their batteries and enjoy leisure time in private at their new home. Just completing a form when abroad can cost a great deal of valuable time and cause stress (not to mention looking for an apartment or childcare place).
Monika Bretschneider