Dismantling and assembling furniture

The transportation of furniture, including dismantling it before and assembling it in the new home, is one of the most labour and time intensive activities when moving. Put your trust into the adept skills of Sobolak workers.

Professionally assembled

When removals are carried out privately, most damage is caused during transportation of furniture and when dismantling/assembling the various fixtures and fittings. The assembly professionals at Sobolak International work quickly, efficiently and treat pieces of furniture with due care. It makes no difference whether the furniture comes from China or Africa – equipped with the right tools, many years’ experience and the right expertise for the job at hand, every piece is reassembled perfectly.

Exterior lift systems

Many staircases are simply too small and many pieces of furniture simply too valuable. The exterior lift systems from Sobolak International circumvent seemingly insurmountable staircases and narrow doorways. Outside transport up to the 7th floor of a normal residential building is usually no problem. We naturally also come up with solutions to stopping restrictions and permits for setting up the lift and also coordinate with the caretaker, etc.