Our new long-distance road train - Mercedes Benz Actros Giga Space Euro 6

CEO Reinhold Karpisek - Markus Gehring - Peter Sobolak


We have changed brand and decided to purchase a Mercedes-Benz long haul vehicle - For many good reasons! Due to the lack of exterior mirrors (these have been replaced by 2 cameras and huge displays in the driver's cab) and one of the most modern engines, our new Actros is extremely fuel-efficient despite its 450 horses - it gets by with around 24 liters per 100 km (ie 9,8 mpg)!

Secondly, it is very comfortable for our drivers and packers - it has the largest driver's cab in the Mercedes Benz family and the cabin is very spacious due to the lack of an engine tunnel. Two refrigerators in the interior and a flat screen provide relaxation during the breaks. Safety on the road is the top priority and our new „star“ is equipped with all available assistance systems. Here is a short excerpt: roll control assist; Lane Assist, Attention Assist, Traffic Sign Assist, Active Brake Assist, Turn Assist, and Active Cruise Control.

More climate-friendly, safe and sound and more relaxed   - to service our customers the best way possible!

Have a safe ride!