Bye bye Susi! Welcome Susi!

September 2017
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„Associates are the most valuable good in a company“ – at Sobolak this wasnt just a simple excerpt from „The World of Managing“ but a high priority for the Sobolak family and the corporate management. The high appreciation for all our employees isnt the only reason for our outstanding quality. It reflects much more in a tremendous connection between our employees and their long lasting fidelity to the enterprise. Susanne Karpisek has supported the business with her positive energy, her charming personality and her flexibility for more than 25 years. Now the time has come for Susi to say good bye. We wish you all the best Susi!

But everybody who knows Susi also knows that she just can`t turn her back to her work life at Sobolak. We are happy to announce that Susi will support us on busy days with her power, her charme, her knowledge and maybe with some anecdotes from the good old days.

Welcome Susi and thank you for everything!